MK the Dons’ 2003 Garage Mix // CLASSIC
























Bristol based Matt King has the a huge garage collection which almost fills an entire room. In the future his vinyl will be on display at the V&A. Luckily, he is also an excellent DJ. Enjoy……



Todd Edwards – Open Your Eyes
Suiceyed – Give Some To Me (Masterplan)
702 – You Don’t Know (Reservoir Dogs VoAcal Mix)
TJ Cases Feat ‘Jakey’ – Don’t Stop (Vocal Dub)
Godfather – Funk Power
Jacquee Bennett – Tell Me (Tuff Jam Mix)
Goldie – Believe (Bump & Flex Club Mix)
Shola Ama – Imagine (Club Asylum Mix)
Colours Feat Stephen Emmanuel & Eska – Hold On (SE22 Mix)
TJR Feat Xavier – Just Gets Better (TJR Dub)
24 Hour Experience – Together
M Dubs – Bump ‘N’ Grind (Original Vocal Mix Feat Lady Saw, Sherelle & MC Secret Agent)
Ramsey & Fen Feat Lynsey Moore – Love Bug (Original Bump Mix)
Y-Tribe – Baby (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Sunship – Try Me Out (Chunky Beats Feat R.B.)
U.S. Alliance – All I Know (Grunge Mix)
Groove Connektion – Club Lonely (Dem 2 Don’t Cry Dub)
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (Zed Bias Vocal Mix)
Scott Garcia Feat MC Styles – Waiting
Sound Of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards Mix)
Same People – Dangerous (Original Mix)
Boris Dlugosch presents – Boom! Hold Your Head Up High (Julian Jonah’s Bad Boy Mix)
Reach & Spin: The Hype (Original Reach & Spin Dub)
S.I.A – Little Man (Exemen Works)
Nu-Birth – Anytime (Tuff Jam’s Kick Dub)
Amira – My Desire (Dreem Teem Remix)
Double 99 – RIP Groove (Original Mix)
Praxis Feat Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out (Sol Brothers Turn To Sugar Remix)
Smokin Beats – Dreams (Original Club Mix)


Dam0s’ November 2006 Winter Mix // CLASSIC // Magik Bullet

Found this one, thought it was worth reposting!




In terms of underground music, Plymouth is a city best known for its past as one of the rave capitals of the UK. In the early 90′s acts such as The Prodigy and Orbital were part of Plymouth’s fledgling rave scene. Nights such as Cultural Vibes introduced a generation of clubbers to underground house. Sasha and Digweed were residents at the influential Scream night held at the Warehouse in the mid 1990s. Moving forward to 2003, clubbers had a choice of hard house and drum n bass, with not much in between. Luckily in 2013, events such as Music is My Poison, Dance Dance Dance and Disco Biz Kids are still flying the flag….

The club night Magik Bullet was born in August 2003, and  built up a reputation for being one of the most musically diverse and friendliest events in Plymouth. From small beginnings as a breaks night, Magik Bullet began to embrace music styles such as techno, electro house and whatever else got the floor moving.

It’s a well known fact that the best clubs are often found tucked away from the booze drenched sprawl of the city centre and its unwelcome passing trade. There’s Technique in Leeds, Sankeys in Manchester and as hundreds of devoted clubbers have found out – the White Rabbit in Bretonside bus station, Plymouth. Home to Magik Bullet, a vibrant, friendly, night. Hidden from the beery, dreary, leery, hoi polloi, clubs like this are frequented solely by folk who want to be there, and are guaranteed to kick off every time.

Every month residents Damo, Chris W, Kananga, Paradigm and Dicey were joined by DJ’s from all over the UK, who brought their unique style of music to the eager, appreciative dance floor. DJ’s such as Matt Brown from the legendary Sancho Panza have shared the spotlight with crowd favourites – Far Too Loud. Acts such as Tom Real and Baobinga + ID have set the dance floor on fire and have rated the crowd as one of their favourite ever. Underground talent has been nurtured and invited back time and time again.


“Magik Bullet events  evolved into a full on audio visual spectacular
thanks to the considerable talent of Alex Alphawave.


Magik Bullet brought underground music to a new and appreciative audience and sadly ended on 31st October 2009.







Gino Ginelli // Longest Winter Ever // House Mix // April 2013

Started buying tunes a couple of months ago after a big break. There really are some nice bits and pieces out there again. Hopefully I found a few of them.

Expect tunes from:

Ilario Liburni
Martin Brodin
Lars Vegas
Armand Van Helden
Future Four
Hans Thalau
The Black Dog

Its fairly housey, gets a bit deep, but has a tough edge all the way through.


Gino Ginelli’s Slow Gondola to Regent’s Canal Mix

Here is a mix of techno and classic house all at a grandparent friendly speed. Watch out for Model 11 – What times, Tori Amos – Professional Widow, Lutzenkirchen, Michae Mayer and lots more………


Clockwork Tonight

Been looking forward to this for ages. I don’t usually buy tickets for anything so far in advance, but tonight is different. We are going to see Clockwork play in East London. They have had radio play on 6 music and have been championed by the likes of Soul Clap and are ushering in this new era of slow house. Its not just slow because we are old, the tempo has changed because its easier to dance to. We had all those big 80s and 90s hits because the budgets were massive, these days, music has moved into the bedroom and smaller places. There is still room for final mastering from the pro’s, but it is still the case that pretty much anyone can grab midi controller, some software and sample away. Ahhh, the 90′s, is it a better musical decade than the 80s? In terms of dance music, we had some defining tunes. Its a decade that keeps coming back. We keep hearing the 808 tom drum, will it ever go away? Occasionally we hear a bit of acid and some vocals. Where are we headed to? Who even invented house? Was it Kelvin Andrews, was it Marshall Jefferson? Was it Kevin Saunderson? Who knows. But the great thing is that we are back there again and we have function 1 rigs to enjoy it on. Cya down the front.


Gino Ginelli Presents The Techno & House For Your Face Mix May 2011
















It was a Wednesday night. Gino was 31 stories up in the Paramount bar overlooking the city of London. He stared out of the window and had an eagle eye view of the best party city in the world. Then, after 27 shots of black sambucca, he argued with a cab driver, somehow got home and felt inspired to make this mix of techno and house.

Gino doesn’t dwell on any track for too long, keeping attention throughout the mix. Chuggy techno and house makes way for the sounds of Visionquest, DJ Sneak, Clockwork, Soul Clap, Paul Ritch, Dark Mountain Group – Lose Control (TUNE), Commando and Mark Broom. Its an eclectic mashup of old and new and bumps along at 124 ish BPM.

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Download by right clicking and saving as.

Boogie Cartel is this Saturday 14th May at Horse and Groom

This one is going out to you London peeps. All roads are leading to the Horse and Groom this Saturday for Boogie Cartel’s bonanza event. As I have mentioned in posts below, they supported Greg Wilson a few weeks ago and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of disco, soul, house and funk. Perfect fodder for the H&G. Just think, in a few years time, you can say that you were there when they first started out and how they have sold out now and are just playing big festivals and don’t do their own Facebook anymore.


Facebook link is here ->