Far Too Loud have shot to popularity in a very short length of time, if you are a Magik Bullet veteran you will know that we spotted this obvious talent a number of years ago and have had them down to play quite a few times. They are extremely in-demand DJs with headline spots at top festivals and nights under their belts.

Will they be playing at Glade Festival 2008? I think we can safely say they are a strong contender. They are definitely worthy of a Best Producer vote at Breakspoll.

Their production style is unique, this is what is so exciting and it puts them up there with the best producers. In a breaks scene that is being flooded with average sounding tunes, we need Far Too Loud to give everyone a good kick up the arse and keep standards high.

Make your own mind up by downloading their last mix.


Far Too Loud – Play It Loud – Funkatech
NAPT – Wah – Sub Frequency Funk
PRO7 – Black Truck – Fresh Produce
Nursery of Naughtiness – Eyes (Far Too Loud remix) – Exceptional
Far Too Loud – Dis Da Rasta – Funkatech
Far Too Loud – Get High – Funkatech
Dilemn – Time To Sing – BombTraxx
Culture Shock – Asteroids – Ram
Dilemn – 1st Class – CDR
Specimen A – Rock This House – Funkatech
Groove Diggerz – Get Fresh (Sam Hell remix) – Sinister
Far Too Loud – Shredder – Funkatech

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