30Hz Modelling Shot

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Did you know that 30Hz is also a food model? Here is a shot from his work which will be used in a campaign for KFC. Quite stunning, wouldn’t you agree?


We go Global

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Just have a look at the cities people are visiting from on the right hand side of the page, from “Bodmin” to “The Bronx”…
This new feature tells you where everyone in the past 24 hours has come from.
Let us know if you like it.

Here is a mix that Cheeba did for http://www.ninjatune.net/solidsteel/playlist.php Its a funk and hip-hop mix, so enjoy….


Cheebsqueek – Intro

Russ Meyers Intro – Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – Q.D.K. Media
Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man – Columbia
The Cure – 10.15 Saturday Night – Creation
Showaddywaddy – Dancin’ Party
DJ Shadow – Mashin on the Motorway Island
Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis – Ninja Tune
Aphrodite – King of the Beats – Aphrodite Recordigs
Cut Chemist -The Audience is Listening Theme Song – Warner Bros.
Kraftwerk – Man Machine – EMI
Unkle – Drums of Death – Mo Wax
RJD2 – Ghostwriter – Definitive Jux
Snoop Dog ft. Farell – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Accapella)- MP3
Treva Whateva – Singalong – Ninja Tune
Coldcut – Everything is Under Control (Dub From Atlantis Unofficial Remix)  – CDR
Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (Nardone Remix) Promo
Skee-lo – I Wish – Wildcard
Beastie Boys – In a World Gone Mad – Promo
Herbaliser – Turnaround – Ninja Tune
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke – Mowtown
Tony Alvon & the Belaris – Sexy Little Coffee Pot
Coldcut – Beats and Pieces – Ahead of Our Time
Aspects – Bristol Fingers – Hombre
Norman Cook – It Began in Africa – Starchild
Lyrics Born ft. Cut Chemist – Do That There – Quannum
The Harlem Underground Band – Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba – Fat City
The James Gang – Ashes, the Rain and I – Probe
Devin the Dude – Zeldar – Rap-A-Lot Records
Beastie Boys – Sambrosa – Capitol
DJ Format – Little Bit of Soul – Genuine
DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World – Island
Deep Puddle Dynamics – The Scarecrow Speaks – Anticon
Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers Revisited (Instrumental) – Promo
Beastie Boys – Open Letter Cut Chemist Remix (Instrumental) – Promo
Priest – Dissorientation – Anti-Pop Records
DJ Vadim ft. Sarah Jones – Your Revolution – Ninja Tune
Gill Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised- RCA
Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack – HMV
Fleetwood Mac – Albatros – CBS

Download it here

Here is a photo of some Bad Taste Badasses…..for inspiration.


New Mix coming from Damo this week

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Watch out for a brand new mix coming from Dam0 this week. Its been a long time since the last one….

That is all…….

We make it to another Monday, hopefully having had a fun packed weekend. Myself and a few mates went to C103 rock night on Friday and it was pretty rocking…I  highly recommend it.

We have a feature in DJ Mag this month (May issue)  and it was thought up a few months ago when we were pretty sure  we would have the Body Snatchers booked for our 4th Birthday, but there was a bit of a mix-up and obviously when you have a 4th birthday you need to let everyone know about it super early. So we gave that early lineup to the friendly DJ Mag journalist and unfortunately the lineup changed just before DJ Mag went to print.

Just in case you don’t know The Body Snatchers are 30Hz and Baobinga’s side project. We hope to get them down in the future, but until then we are sure that you will be more than happy with the lineup we have instead.

Tickets will be available to buy in the next couple of days. They will be on sale for £5 as an early-bird special, we truly believe that this is going to be our busiest night ever and already know about a number of people who are traveling from well outside the South West to be there. You can appreciate that having 4 headliners is costing us a lot more than our usual nights…

Tickets are going to be £6/£7 on the door, so grab the chance to get them for a fiver when you can.

Give it a try….say hello.

We made it, how fast are the weeks flying by at the moment? Soon it will be summer and the festival season will be starting. Which festivals are you thinking about going to? having survived the downpours last year at Glade and Glastonbury I am trying a different approach and leaving it all until September when its more or less guaranteed sunshine.

Yes, I’m talking about Bestival 2008 in the Isle of Wight.  Bestival began in 2004 and is organised by “Rob da Bank” who also runs associated record label Sunday Best. Bestival is known for its non corporate feel and many say that it feels like Glastonbury once did. Highlights this year are  My Bloody Valentine, Amy Winehouse, Underworld, Aphex Twin, CSS, Hot Chip, Will Young, The Coral, Sugarhill Gang, The Breeders, George Clinton, Gary Numan, The Human League and 808 State.

I am personally looking forward to seeing Hot Chip, Laurent Garnier (3 hour set!!!), Underworld, Carl Craig, Justin Robertson and The Sugarhill Gang. I am also looking forward to sitting in the sun with crazy party people who aren’t just Guardian reading tourists

Increasing commercialism and the apparent need to attract “younger” people to Glastonbury has been its undoing this year. The first nail in the coffin was the rain in 2007 which killed it for many people. When it was announced that Jay Z would be headlining this year it was an easy choice for many to boycott this years Glasto. The thought of sharing Glastonbury with a bunch of chavs playing music out loud on their mobiles really did not appeal.

However, it all seems to have backfired, the Jay Z effect has damaged ticket sales, with ~35,000 remaining, when in the past tickets sold out in a matter of hours. I don’t think it is anything to do with the fact that Glasonbury is predominantly a middle class and white festival. Cypress Hill and Del La Soul (who were shit) have headlined in the past. Maybe Glasto, like everything else that becomes popular is just suffering from the long awaited backlash and is a victim of its own success.

In recent years the organisers of Glastonbury have  packed more and more people in to the point where it became unbearable at times. Inflation seems to have attacked Glasto too, with prices going through the roof meaning that you need something in the order of £300-£400 at least to get through the 3-4 days. Having been to Glasto on and off for the past 13 years, I think its time for me to move on.

Have fun whatever you do this summer.

Blair is a Magik Bullet regular and clearly also a DJ. Have a listen and then go write on his wall telling him how great it is….. :-)


1. Justice – Stress (Auto Remix)
2. Count of monte cristal – Bmore Forward
3. Calling in Sick – Cali Games
4. Hot Chip – Ready For the Floor ( L.A.Riots and villians remix)
5. Robbie Williams – Lovelight (soulwax Remix)
6. 187 Lockdown – Gunman (Twockers Remix)
8. Paul Woolford & Bobby Peru – Electro Discocourse
9. Daft Punk – Da Funk (a cheeky disco remix)
10. ToeCutter – Best Party ever
11. Sugababes – About you now (kissy s remix)
12. CMC & Sinden – Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)
13. Klaxons – Atlantis to interzone (destroy disco remix)
14. Duke Dumont – Lean & Bounce
15. Justice – Genesis (CCCookies Remix)
16. Eskimo Joe – London Bombs (sneaky soundsystem remix)



Who is 30Hz?

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First, have a mix.

Click Here

1. Megablast & Makossa – Kunuaka – G-Stone
2. Armand Van helden – I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix) – Southern Fried
3. Aquasky Feat The Ragga Twins – Hands in the Air (The Body Snatchers Remix) – 777
4. Sebastian Leger – Jupiter – Mistakes Music
5. Blende & Vandal – Healthy Boy – CDR
6. 30Hz – Electric Sheep – Lot49 (Forthcoming)
7. Edu K – Gatas, Gatas, Gatas (Crookers Remix) – Man Recordings
8. 30Hz Feat Yolanda – Daddio – Lot49
9. 30Hz – Nine Tomorrows (The Beatmonkeys Remix) – Lot49 (Forthcoming)
10. The Body Snatchers – Twist Up – Passenger (Forthcoming)
11. Baobinga and Tayo – Style & Trends – CDr
12. Noisia – Feat. Bex – Gutterpunk (The Body Snatchers Remix) – CDr
13. Baobinga & I.D. present Big Monster – ‘Jump Up Get Hype’ (feat Virus Syndicate) – Fat!
14. Fil OK – Wink Wink (Blende remix) – OK Music


James “30Hz” Ginzburg was born to unknown parents who abandoned him at Washington D.C.’s “Happy Forest Orphanage” in 1981. When he was two, while being taken out by some prospective foster parents, the orphanage burnt down killing all those inside as well as destroying any records concerning his origin and early life. This was an unparalleled disaster for all involved, particularly the unlucky couple who were to end up stuck with the young child who had on that first ill-fated day out urinated on both of them and had, at the most inopportune moments, repeated emphatically the only phrase he could utter at that age: “free trade with Cuba.”

Fast forward to 1998, James had grown up and fallen into a sordid life of crime. Starting with petty theft, he swiftly expanded into grand larceny, money laundering and ultimately a successful protection racket extorting money from his local libraries and blood banks.

A dream visitation from the late Sammy Davis JR while on a family holiday in Reno would change everything. In James’ dream vision Mr. Davis’, who would be James’ lifelong spiritual guide, advised him to move to england and take up a career in music.

As of March 2008, James has released significantly more records than he has fingers and toes combined. Considering he has polydactylism this is no small feat. (I hope the homonymic double entendre was not lost on the reader.)

Selected Discography

Forthcoming Releases:
# Skint Noisia – “Gutterpunk (The Body Snatchers Red Line Remix)”
# lot49 30Hz – “Electric Sheep Remixed” LP
# Jumpin & Pumpin Smart Systems – “Tingler” (30Hz Remix)
# Passenger The Body Snatchers – “Feeling Good, Looking Nice, Smelling Right” LP
# Passenger The Body Snatchers feat Kamikaze – “Freaky Ho / Twist Up”
# Caravan (emptyset) – “Doxa EP”
Current Releases:
# lot49 30Hz – “Electric Sheep” LP
# 777 Aquasky feat. The Ragga Twins – “Let me See Those Hands” (The Body Snatchers’ Crank Dat Remix)
# Future Days (emptyset) – “Isokon / Seclusion”
# Lot 49 D. Ramirez & Meat Katie feat Odissi “Stop The Revolution” (30Hz Remix)
# Lot 49 30Hz feat. Yolanda – “Daddio”
# Vertical Sound 015 The Body Snatchers – “Big Ass, Miniskirt / Homicide”
# Lot 49 30Hz – “Mutton”
# Sinister Recordings Introspective – “Pole Kat (Get it on)” (30Hz Remix)
# Vertical Sound 014 30Hz & Vlad – “Get Low”
# Against The Grain Krafty Kuts feat. Dynamite MC – “There They Go” (The Body Snatchers remix)
# Future Days (Emptyset) – “Acuphase” / “Displacement Activity”
# Lot49 30Hz – “Space Age” / Meat Katie & 30Hz – “With You” / October & 30Hz – “Overcooked”
# Positiva Ferry Corsten feat Guru – “Junk” (The Body Snatchers Remix)
# Transverse Storm Troopers – “Devil May Cry” (30Hz Remix)
# Vertical Sound 012 30Hz – “In Your Ear”
# Vertical Sound 010 The Body Snatchers “Rip Shit up” / “Slampig”
# Bassrock Records Kubyk – “You Can Do it” (30Hz Remix)
# Mbn Records October & 30Hz “Antihistamine”
# Warehouse Wax Vinyl Junkie “Not Dead” (30Hz remix)
# Satamile Bytecon “Evacuation order” (30Hz remix)
# Supercharged Recordings 30Hz & Baobinga “Know Ya” / All up in your head”
# Vertical Sound 008 30Hz “Discophonic / Ghost in the Machine”
# Tectonic 001 DJ Pinch & P. Dutty (30Hz) – “War Dub” / “Alien Tongue”
# Cyberfunk 20 Baobinga & 30Hz “Jack Your Body”
# Vertical Sound VS006 Kraymon vs 30Hz ” Drug Noize” / 30Hz “Hell”
# ZOO 2 ED2000 vs. 30Hz “Make Contact”
# Vertical Sound VS005 30Hz Eating The Dead / Mike Dyson (Vertical Sound)
# Drum + Breaks D+B005 Vex d Function (30Hz Remix)
# Vertical Sound VS004 Moving Ninja Witchdokta (30Hz Remix)
# Drum + Breaks D+B002 30Hz The Swamp
# Vertical Sound VS002 30Hz No Man s Land / Acid Day
# Dangerous Drums DDR8 Circuit Breaker I Tell The DJ (30Hz Remix)
# Vertical Sound VS001 30Hz feat. Yolanda Temple