We have had some weirdness happening on the website over the past day or so. It reverted back to an old version. However, it all seems fixed now. So please accept our apologies for that and welcome back.

Well, a few of us went to Glade 2008 and it was truly amazing. We met some cool and crazy people and managed to make it through unscathed. Highlights were Sancho Panza, Lee Burridge, Claude Von Stroke, Mike Monday, Rico Tubbs, The Bodysnatchers, Far Too Loud….the list goes on!!

Needless to say, we met lots of DJs that we will be getting down over the next few months, including a few people you would NEVER expect to see play in Plymouth.

Head to the music page now for a post Glade 2008 special deep house and twisted beats mix from Damo.


Set Times for Tonight

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The set times are as follows.

1130-1230 – Dam0 (Party tunes and randomness)
1230-0130 – Poface-Killa (Blippy-bleepy-techy-music)

0130-0230 – Sick Rick (Rocking headline set)
0230-0330 – Loui – (Late night dirty house)
0330-0430 – Paradigm (Dirty breakbeats)

Well because the White Rabbit has lots of bands on before Magik Bullet this Sat, we highly implore you to come down at 11.30pm. The entry price will be 4 quid before 12 and 5 after.

We will go on later as a result though! Don’t come down any earlier! Any questions ask on Facebook here -> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2422967189&ref=ts#/event.php?eid=23586604622

Loui is a very talented Dj and is playing late on Saturday night. Why not check out his latest mix and then come rushing down to boogie this Saturday.

Download it here


Flyer for 12th July

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Sick Rick Flyer