Magik Bullet Needs YOU!

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Its Friday and its been tough for everyone this month, but man and woman cannot survive on work/studying alone. It is a scientific fact that we need to party and this is why attendance at Magik Bullet this Saturday is especially important.

In the spirit of the credit crunch, lets have some stats:

-Only 4 people have ever been thrown out of our events for disorderly conduct.
-1 DJ has had his bag stolen (we got it back again!)
-Only 2 women have played at our events.
-We have had 31 different headline DJs.
-We have handed out over 120,000 flyers.
-We have put our events on in 4 different venues.

Ain’t that amazing?

We have only 10 £3 guestlists spots left and those that have asked to be on the list are confirmed. Be quick!

Set times
1000-1100 DJ Fingerbanger (Early evening foreplay)
1100-1200 Damo (Magik Bullet classics)
1200-0100 Poface-Killa (House and techno)
0100-0230 Pathogen (89-93 Old Skool)
0230-0400 Paradigm (Disgusting Breaks)

Cya down the front!

Greetings on this historic day where we see the saviour of the world, Barack Obama inaugurated as president of the USA.

Well, we have a fantastic Magik Bullet for you this Saturday. Plymouth legend
Pathogen is going to be digging into his original vinyl collection to
play us a special old skool set. He will be joined by the fantastic
Magik Bullet residents. Lets also extend a warm welcome to Poface-Killa
who finally joins us as resident after months of fluffing.

Set times
1000-1100 DJ Fingerbanger (Early evening foreplay)
1100-1200 Damo (Magik Bullet classics)
1200-0100 Poface-Killa (House and techno)
0100-0200 Pathogen (89-93 Old Skool)
0200-0300 Paradigm (Disgusting Breaks)
0300-0400 Special Guest (TBC)

Credit Crunch
Its only about a week until payday and any students should have spunked
most of their loan already. Also, did you know that the White Rabbit
has extremely cheap drink deals? Its £1.50 a pint between 10pm and 12am
for Carling!

Anyone that has a birthday this month gets in free. (we need proof!)

If you want to get in on the £3 guestlist send your names to magikbullet@hotmail.com
There really is no excuse not to be there….


We ran a competition on our text list yesterday. The prize was VIP guestlist for our 14th February Valentines day Pimps and Ho’s bash with the 2bit Thugs…..

The question was: What flavour was Katie Perrie’s chapstick?

The answer of course is CHERRY! Thanks to all of the smart-asses who told us that its actually the flavour of the girl she is kissing…Well you are actually losers! Thanks to everyone who entered, we had a record number of entries and the 5 lucky winners are:

James Guthrie, Sarah Ingleby, James Hitchcock, Sinead Sadler and Grace Langley. If you would like to be a part of future text list competitions, then sign yourself up to the list….

Make sure you are coming by clicking through to the Facebook link……….