Raised on a diet of hip hop, breaks and turntablism, the Thugs bring a fresh attitude to house music. Their trademark ‘Gangster House’ sound combines wobbling basslines, rudeboy rap vocals and pounding percussive beats.

Since meeting in 2001, the Thugs have rocked parties all over the UK and are gaining a reputation for their no holds barred DJ sets. Their production output has pricked the ears of DJs, labels and promoters worldwide and  have received huge support from the likes of Atomic Hooligan, Rico Tubbs, Foamo, Tomb Crew, Matt Cox & Stupid Fresh to name but a few.

With a release schedule bigger than the Obama campaign, there is no doubt 2 Bit Thugs will remain in many a DJ’s record box for years to come.  The ‘Gangster House’ sound will be featuring on remixes for the likes of The Bulgarian, Calvertron, Zombie Disco Squad, Jackinori & Kelevra all to released soon.

With 2008 seeing the Thugs stepping up a fair few rungs on the ladder, keep an eye out on the club listings near you for your own Thug experience.

We are so excited and honoured to have the 2Bit Thugs at Magik Bullet. Its going to be a wonky disco of epic proportions. Not only are they amazing producers who have been drawing attention from industry big hitters like Kissy Sell Out, but they are also fantastic DJs to boot. Watch them rise to fame over the coming months,and remember where you saw them in Plymouth first.

Trust us when we bring down the freshest acts that you might not necessarily have heard of at first, but have grown to love as the years have rolled by! If you have a a moment, check lots of 2Bit Thug’s productions out over on Soundcloud and their Myspace is here

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