Are on the photos page….

Thanks to Gemma Ward for taking them.

Length : 01h09?57″
Format : mp3 – 192kbps – 96Mb


01. MILES DYSON – Anthem
02. HEADMAN – Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders remix)
03. AQUASKY vs HARD-FI – Living For The Weekend
04. SEBASTIAN – Walkman (re-edit)
05. HUMANOID – Stakker Humanoid (Feadz remix)
06. THE WHIP – Trash (Crookers remix)
07. BOYZ NOISE – Lava Lava (Feadz aval aval)
08. FISHERSPOONER – Dance En France (D.I.M. remix)
09. BY NOW – Bodycrash
10. UTAH SAINTS – Somthing Good 2008 (Prok & Fitch remix)
11. ELECTRIXX – Backstage Bitch (Miles Dyson remix)
13. RUSKO – Cockney Thug
14. CALVERTRON – Filter
16. PHAROAHE MONCH – Body Baby (The Counth of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix)
17. LAIDBACK – White Horse
18. REEL 2 REEL vs BODYROCKERS – The Way You Move It
19. DOPEFISH – We Must To Unite
20. BIRD PETERSON – Fat Booty
21. SIR KHAN – End Hit
22. PRIMARY 1 – Hold Me Down (Yusek remix)
23. TOM DELUXX – Curse Words (Just A Band remix)
24. LES RYTHMES DIGITALES – From Disco To Disco
25. AQUASKY – Exceeder remix
26. GROOVE ARMADA – Superstylin?
27. THE CHEMICAL BROTHER vs DYNA – Do It Again (breaks mix)
28. LOULOU PLAYERS – Move (dub mix)
29. TREVOR LOVEYS AND KRAAK & SMAAK – Squeez Me (The Trevor Loveys Squeezer mix)
30. RAPID – Master System
31. THE PRESETS – My People (D.I.M. remix)
32. ALEX METRIC – Deadly On A Mission (dub mix)
33. KAZ JAMES feat. STU STONE – Breathe (The Heat remix)
34. DJ TOUCHE – The Paddle
35. S-EXPRESS – Theme From S-Express (King Roc remix)
36. ??? – Booty Breaks vol. 1
37. COUNTERFEIT – Block Rockin? Breaks
38. BOY 8-BIT – Fogbank (Jack Beats remix)
40. BONDE DE ROLE – Marina Gasolina (Fake Blood remix)
41. TITTSWORTH – September
42. PROXY – Destroy
43. BAG RAIDERS – Fun Punch
++ ++


Magik Bullet This Saturday

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This is a gentle reminder about this coming Saturday at the White Rabbit. You need to get there by 12am at the latest otherwise you will miss half the fun. Last month we had 3/4 full club by 12 and it was wicked!

Just in case you need further persuasion, here are some reasons you should not miss it:

-We have a real up and coming superstar coming to visit in the shape of Rektchordz.

Dicey is going to play the ultimate midnight set which will be unmissable)

Calrek is going to play some wicked 4/4 and lots of Oorpi crew will be in attendance.

Elk Cloner is coming all the way from Germany to rock out with some deep house.

Paradigm will reprise his end slot with some storming breaks.

Alphawave will have the club set up with awesome visuals and VJing.

Dan and Neil will have the 10K rig fully cranked and rumbling with sound engineer all night long.

Miss at your peril!

Set Times

10pm    -Dam0 (2 hr Warm-up with classics and house)
11am     ” ”                                ” ”
12am    -Dicey (The ultimate midnight set)
01am    -Rektchordz (Techfunk and 4/4)
02am    -Calrek vs Elk Cloner (deep house and smatterings of techno)
03am    -Paradigm (disgusting finale!)


Not one, but two new mixes from our resident DJ Paradigm….We have the first one hosted on our site and the second one is available by clicking through to

Paradigm Mellow April

1. Plump DJs – Mantra – Finger Lickin’
2. Tipper – On a Limb – Fuel
3. C83 – Tempest – En:Vision
4. DJ Mutiny – Symphonik – Sub Freq Funk
5. Taishan – The Shake Off (MT’s Sao Paulo Re-Rub) – Resin
6. Joe Rapid – Isreal – The Vinyl Touch
7. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Tayo & Acid Rockers Remix) – Positiva
8. Ben & Lex – Drifting – Ape
9. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Feel the Music – Supercharged
10. The Apollo Kids – The Drumz – Fat!
11. Vandal – Mam Tor – Plastic Raygun
12. Fatliners – Sky (Ils Remix) – Kilowatt
13. The Apollo Kids – Front Line – Fat!
14. FC Kahuna – Hayling (Ils Remix) – Skint
15. Soto ft Becki – Confusin’ – Botchit Breaks


Paradigm Febuary 2008

1. Dub Child – Mount Zion – Storming
2. Jammin – Uptalking – Bingo
3. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – Babylon Breaks – Against the Grain
4. Jinx in Dub – Warrior Dub – Bassrock
5. The Inchinga Project – Falla – Downbeat
6. Naughty – Pussy Trak (DJ Hype Remix) – ????
7. Stepsine – Gen Sec of Breaks – Stepsine
8. Napt – Intergalactic – Sub Freq Funk
9. Slim Blue – On Your Knees – Pure Filth
10. Ribs & IG88 – Outta the Frame – Downbeat
11. Stormtroopers – We Bring you the Future – Mechanoise
12. Watts Funkin – Pyramid – Unstable
13. TBK & DJ Jonay – Going to Bangkok – Selecta
14. Crazy 88’s – Street Knowledge – Mechanoise
15. Ben & Lex – My Pink Sock (DJ Quest Remix) – Functional
16. 30Hz – No Mans Land (Eskmo Remix) – Vertical Sound

We are still alive and kicking and planning our summer acvitities. We hope you enjoy the exclusive mix from Rektchordz, watch out for another new mix later this week from Dam0!


Rektchordz Exclusive Techfunk Mini Mix for


1. Rektchordz-tailbone talkshow (unsigned cdr)
2. Strider& funkasarus-domino (?? cdr)
3. Rektchordz- SMUT (epidemic)
4. Groove diggerz feat mc manic-Time kontrol (rektchordz remix)-(breakin even)
5. Jay stewart-Mr mole (rektchordz techfunk remix)-(re-connect)
6. Rektchordz-Turn these speakers up (highgrade recordings)
7. Phat riderz-deadlinex (rektchordz techfunk remix) -(fresh produce)
8. Rektchordz-captain fruit legs (ruff dog recordings)
9. Rektchordz&sam hell-Blipvertz (brighton breaks)


Just got a heads up on this new one coming soon from The Plumps. Its got their trademark heavy as fuck drums and its going to be a monster once its released. Annie Nightingale played it as the first track on her show last weekend which you can listen to again by clicking on this link.

Rektchordz has made a brand new mix exclusively for us and its full of unreleased tunes by the man himself. Head over to the music page to download it.


Techno Mix from Hoffman

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If you were at the last Magik Bullet then you would have seen Hoffman playing alongside Model 101. He is also a huge techno fan and has made a new mix. We will let him introduce it…

Right, now this does need a little explaining. This is not a breaks mix, it is a Techno mix but, if you don’t generally like Techno because it’s too driving, grinding, scarey and so forth, then I urge you to check this out. The mix came about becuase a friend of mine is really into his more melodic style of Techno, I figured I’ve got a fair old stack of this style floating about and never put them all together in a mix before. So why the name Armchair Technology, because it’s Techno for your armchair, sofa, living room or general mong space. Enjoy….

Hoffman – Armchair Technology

01: Rhythm is Rhythm – Icon (Montage Mix)
02: Samuel L. Session – Summer in the City
03: Equus – Ash
04: Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Amazon (4 Hero Verion)
05: Icarus – Alive
06: Funk D’ Void – Diablo (Heavenly Mix)
07: Divan 03 – Moonspheres
08: René et Gaston – Merlouche Ideale
09: Luke Slater – Love (Loved)
10: Boyd Jarvis – Atmos-Fear (Dark-n-Dubby Mix)
11: Underworld – Dark & Long
12: Joel Mull – Apsaras
13: DJ Rolando – Jaguar (Mayday Mix by Derrick May)
14: Funk D’ Void – Bad Coffee (Slam No Sugar Mix)
15: Adam Beyer and Peter Benisch – Brazen Displays 


We trawl lots of forums and any cool mixes we see, we stick on our site for your pleasure. Here is a wicked one we found today on

Check his myspace here ->

Download it here