Magik Bullet 4th Birthday Flyer

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magik bullet 4th birthday flyer


New Mix from Awe Soundsystem

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AWE Soundsystem – Proper Wankers, Ace Tunes. That’s just one phrase heard used to describe them. ‘The new Plump DJs’ is another, but they nervously laugh that one off and point to the previous statement as being more accurate. For those unfamiliar, AWE are Paul Wright, aka P-Dub, and Gerry Adams, aka Country Cockney. After a chance meeting in late 2002, the duo began ‘doing their thang’ in and around Ipswich, England. After several successful breakbeat nights in their hometown and the well-received underground release of the AWE Soundsystem mix CDs, the boys decided it was time to take their unique sound on the road and expose it to the breakbeat massive. In the blink of an eye, the AWE boys were playing all over the UK and earning a reputation as party starters. What followed was a weekly residency on www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk radio. Now one of the top listened-to shows, AWEsome Beats is defining internet radio for the Breaks genre with their ‘unsigned showcase’ specials and continues to feature the freshest, unsigned talent in the breakbeat scene. They also continue to deliver blinding radio guest mixes online and via the airwaves all over the world, and are now listed as featured artists on www.bijoubreaks.com alongside the likes of Elite Force & Myagi. Once a club residency at the hugely successful bi-monthly Supatronix events came their way, AWE Soundsystem took aim at pushing their sound even further which has earned them a steady stream of appearances all over the UK and Europe alongside top DJs such as Stanton Warriors, Rennie Pilgrem, Future Funk Squad, Blim, Rogue Element, Dopamine, Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie, Freq Nasty, Atomic Hooligan, Superstyle Deluxe, Slyde, The Freestylers, Chris Carter, High 8, Danny McMillan, Precision Cuts, Drumattic Twins and many more. This cemented AWE into the breaks scene and got them to number 18 in the breakthrough DJ category at the 2006 Breakspoll awards. This year they’ve also been made bi-monthly residents at Off The Wall, the Fat! spin-off parties held at Ministry of Sound and jumped another 8 places into the top 10 breakthrough DJs at the 2007 Breakspoll awards as well as securing slots at the Antiworld & Human Zoo festivals. On top of that they’ll also be making their Ibiza debut at the legendary ‘We Love Sundays…’ parties at Space representing Chew The Fat. With an ear on the funk-fuelled side of the breakbeat genre, AWE Soundsystem approach each event without any pre-conceived notions. The idea of free flowing what they play from one set to the next would frighten some club DJs, but it’s one of the foundational secrets to AWE’s success. Expect the unexpected! From party tracks to stompin’ funk-monsters, turntablism or the odd acapella just to keep things fresh, there’s little doubt that these lads are charting a course of their own all the way to the top.

Check their myspace here


AWE Soundsystem – Magic Space Blancmange

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arms Flailing Tube Man Intro
1) Rico Tubbs – Intoxicated
2) Dave Dub & Phat Conductor – The Price Is Right
3) Funkasaurus – Jackhammer (P-Dub’s Gear Grinding edit)
4) Projectiles – Ugly Boy
5) Jay Stewart – Finger Shaker
6) Splitloop – Electricity
7) Groove Allegiance – Organ Dementia (P-Dubs Green Beret edit)
Cool Burufunk & Carbon Community – Community Funk
(Deadmau5 remix)
9) DJ Tom – Rock On (Mondo remix)
10) Squashqar – Robot Groove
11) Robb G & Phat Conductor – Brouse Nation
12) MC Duke – I’m Riffin’ (Marzetti remix)
13) Rennie Pilgrem – Dutty Work
14) Uberzone – 4 Bit (2 Bit Uberzone Downgrade Mix)
15) Body Snatchers – Twist Up
16) Black Daniel – Gimme What You Want (Alex Metric remix)

Download it

Wow! What a year it has been for Wooz & Jimmy Mofo aka Beat Assassins. Their jump-up club smash “Keeping It Jiggy” sold records all over the world (as did “Shake Down Vauxhall & Brixton”) while being voted breakbeat tune of the month by Carl Loben in DJ Mag. Beat Assassins’ “Be-Bop Aloola” (also released on Mofo Recordings) hit No 1 in Jay Cunning’s Kiss FM chart (supplied by Know How Records) and went on to be the longest running track to remain in the Top 5 in the chart’s history. They have delivered mixes for the prestigious Annie Nightingales’s Radio 1 show and Rennie Pilgrem’s Galaxy FM, while their productions have sustained a high profile leading to a recent Beat Assassins’ performance to 6000 people at the Floridance Festival in Spain. Gigs have come in from far afield from Australia to Poland to Austria. Now the Beat Assassins finish 2007 with one of their phattest releases to date with their awesome AA side kut “We Run Tings & Play The Game.” Out Mid Nov 2007.

Tracklisting > > >

1. Beat Assassins – Gun Clip (MOFO)
2. Beat Assassins – Bounce VIP (MOFO)
3. Beat Assassins – Party People (MOFO)
4. Fatboy slim – Star 69 ( Beat Assassins rmx) (THE JOINT)
5. Beat Assassins – Play The Game (MOFO)
6. Beat Assassins Ft Nine Lives – Generation MTV (MOFO)
7. Beat Assassins – We Run Tings (MINISTRY)

Download it here 

Cornwall has given us world class artists like Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and Tom Middleton. Fast forward to 2008 and 22 year old Rektchordz has been making waves in Spain and the UK. He is one of the most in-demand british breakbeat DJs in Spain and the irony is that many people in the South West have hardly heard of him.

Jay Rektchordz was originally know for tearout breakbeat and had releases on Mechanoise and Breaks FM records. The tearout sound is huge in Spain with DJs often just playing a series of buildups and breakdowns. It seemed as if Spain was going through its rave period and this kind of music was the perfect soundtrack to that.

However in the past year or so Jay has started to embrace other sounds and has integrated them into his brand new sound. Jay’s attituded is “good music is good music” and prides himself on experimental sounds and new ideas to help push the scene into new and interesting directions. We hope to see Jay playing at Magik Bullet in the not too distant future, but in the meantime – enjoy this mix from DJ Derve’s iBreaks show.

Rektchordz Mix Tracklist

1 DIM – Airbus Baby [Turbo]
2 Rektchordz – Turn These Speakers Up [High Grade]
3 Sam Hell Cosimos
[Brighton Breaks]
4 Rektchordz
Rob Reng remix Sissor Locked [Fresh Produce]
5 Rektchordz
mut [Epidemic Recordings]
6 Butter Party
Wriggle [Used and Abused]
7 Rektchordz
Mobtown Rules [Ruff Dog]
8 Rektchordz
Captain Fruit Legs [Ruff Dog]
9 Rektchordz
Thoughts [Organic Tricksta]
10 Bass kleph
Bump Uglies [Electro 4 House]


Anyone that can get to Salisbury this friday would be crazy to miss this. Its a fantastic lineup and features a couple of our favourite acts – Far  Too Loud and Hoffman + Model 101.

Magik Bullet favourite High Eight has a brand new mix online, its quite fitting really – following on from TGDJ’s mix earlier this week. Have a listen and do consider voting for him at Breakspoll.

Check his Myspace here


1. Karl Sav & Nikita – No Doubt [Re:Connect]
2. Groove Armada – Get Down (Elite Force Remix) [CDR]
3. Lars Schneeman – Electronic Sound (Cyber Remix)
4. Hyper & JHz – Computer Says No [Kilowatt]
5. Beep! – The Flow (NAPT Remix) [Re:Connect]
6. Aquasky & Ragga Twins – Let Me See Your Hands (Bodysnatchers Remix) [777]
7. Blazerflame – Break City [Plush]
8. Krafty Kuts & Tim Deluxe – Bass Phenomenon (Core Overload Remix) [Against The Grain]
9. Get D’Funk – Leuce Rhythms (Jay Stewart Remix) [CDR]
10. Sharam Jey – Message To Love (Alex Metric Remix) [King Kong]

Download it