UK Tek 2008 in Manchester

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Every year the UK Tek converges on a remote spot in the UK to put on the underground (illegal) equivalent of Creamfields. Ravers are invited via a mixture of text messages and word of mouth powered by internet forums. The last big one was held in Davidstow, Cornwall and was in 2006. The organisers held it on the same weekend as “Run to the Sun” and this enabled revellers to blend in with all of the people headed to Newquay on the same weekend. Over 5000 people turned up and it went on for 3 days, police were powerless to stop it due to the sheer magnitdue of it, understandably since then Police have been keen to crack down on any subsequent parties.

UK Tek 2008 was held in a remote (very dusty) quarry near Manchester and by all accounts it was a disaster, with Police busting it very early on and not very many rigs turning up in any case. There have also been reports of heavy handedness from the Police, but what do you expect when 100 police arrive on horseback and riot shields? Getting the fuck out of there has to be your #1 priority.

There are lots of raves taking place every weekend and the organisers are usualy dilligent when it comes to cleaning up and leaving as few traces as possible, after all, who is really bothered about 100 or so people converging in a remote location miles away from anyone. Clearly the government are bothered and this is why they spend so much of our tax money on investigating music forums and undercover activity designed to stop parties.

No one is making any money out of them, there are no big brands involved and no tax being paid. These public gatherings are important and the people that put them on are doing it for the love of parties and what harm are they really doing?

2006 UK Tek News Report

Footage from this years Tek in Manchester

Here is an old news report on raves from the Police’s perspective

Here is a link to Phatmedia where you can watch footage of raves from the early 90s.

Taken from a 1988 TV news clip which follows a group of young ravers meeting up for a mystery warehouse party. A few clips outside of coach convoys and some acid dancing inside the warehouse.

Cornwall has given us world class artists like Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and Tom Middleton. Fast forward to 2008 and 22 year old Rektchordz has been making waves in Spain and the UK. He is one of the most in-demand british breakbeat DJs in Spain and the irony is that many people in the South West have hardly heard of him.

Jay Rektchordz was originally know for tearout breakbeat and had releases on Mechanoise and Breaks FM records. The tearout sound is huge in Spain with DJs often just playing a series of buildups and breakdowns. It seemed as if Spain was going through its rave period and this kind of music was the perfect soundtrack to that.

However in the past year or so Jay has started to embrace other sounds and has integrated them into his brand new sound. Jay’s attituded is “good music is good music” and prides himself on experimental sounds and new ideas to help push the scene into new and interesting directions. We hope to see Jay playing at Magik Bullet in the not too distant future, but in the meantime – enjoy this mix from DJ Derve’s iBreaks show.

Rektchordz Mix Tracklist

1 DIM – Airbus Baby [Turbo]
2 Rektchordz – Turn These Speakers Up [High Grade]
3 Sam Hell Cosimos
[Brighton Breaks]
4 Rektchordz
Rob Reng remix Sissor Locked [Fresh Produce]
5 Rektchordz
mut [Epidemic Recordings]
6 Butter Party
Wriggle [Used and Abused]
7 Rektchordz
Mobtown Rules [Ruff Dog]
8 Rektchordz
Captain Fruit Legs [Ruff Dog]
9 Rektchordz
Thoughts [Organic Tricksta]
10 Bass kleph
Bump Uglies [Electro 4 House]