Set Times

10:00-11:00 – Pimpin’ Disco Dave (Disco and hip-hop)
11:00-12:00 – Poface-Killa (Wonky House)
12:00-01:30 – Damo (Techno and House)
01:30-3:00 – 2Bit Thugs (Pimpin’ Gangster House)
03:00-04:00 – Paradigm (Breaks and Magik Bullet Classics)

Disco Dave is going to warm everyone up with some hip-hop, disco, classics, some house and the kind of the music that you can sip your £1.50 pints to whilst waiting for the club to fill up.

Poface-Killa will be bringing the early evening wonky house to get us all in the mood. He played quite possibly the best set of the night last time round, so we are expecting big things! Did you know DJ Mag said that “Poface-Killa” is probably the best DJ name in the world?

Damo is going to be playing a mixture of house, techno and minimal. He has been to some wicked parties since moving to London and is keen to show you what he has been getting into recently.

The 2Bit Thugs are going to be playing their trademark gangster house, fused with hip-hop. They are playing in Bristol the night before and hopefully they will be feeling fresh and well up for their Plymouth debut. Kissy Sellout is a huge fan of these guys, watch them rise and rise to fame!

Rounding off the night, Paradigm is going to scare all of the late night stragglers away with some disgusting hardcore breakbeat and as a special treat for those of you that stay to the bitter end – the now infamous “1 more tune” (which turns into 3) right at the end.

Oh and here is a quote from an Exeter based 2Bit Thugs fan……

I saw 2bit thugs @ the velvet lounge in Exeter last year, they frickin rocked the place with their dirty sounds. Enjoy it everyone who goes”

And a quote from someone else….

“2bit thugs! nice one.. downloaded a mix of theirs a while ago.. like a hip hop dj being ran over by an electro lorry”

All in all it sounds like a fantastic night, don’t miss this one!

Here are some of my favourite tunes at the moment. The mix starts off quite techy/technoey and then builds up to a melodic crescendo. Give it a chance :)


Goldwill – One Bill (Sascha DIves 1,000,000,000 Remix)
Brett Johnson – Finger Painting
Gruber – Laughter Lines
Mathias Kaden – Perclue
Layo and Bushwacka – The Sierra Madre
Brett Johnson – Gypsy Love
Dinka – Chemistry
Alex Dolby – Psiko Garden (santos rmx)
Spiritit Catcher – Core Memory
Martin – Buttrich – Rhythm Acupuncuture
Layo and Bushwacka – How is the Time
Dirty Trikz – Let the music take control
Mark Russel – Corporate America
The Martin Brothers – Dum



Two new Mixes for you on our music page…

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Dam0 and Tom Real have both made mixes for you, so why don’t you head on over to the music page and download them?

Well, Tom Real has just come back from Kazantip and was inspired to make a new mix. Damo has also been inspired to make a mix and its the sound of the deeper side of house and techno…….its totally where his sound is at right now..have a tracklist….

Lindstrom – Where you go i go too
Oliver Koletzski – This is so fucking Old School
John Dahlback – Pyramid
Maniax – Pyramid
Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
Spirit Catcher – Core Memory
Milton Channels – You Lose
Maniax – Heroes
Riva Starr – Vauxhall (Tim Green Remix)
E-Contact – Poppop
Jona – Take Five
Layo and Bushwacka – Love Story
Kelis – Milkshake (DJ Zinc Remix)
DJ Blacqstarr – Shake it to the Ground
The Martin Brothers – Dum
Tim Green – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)

Tom Real’s is full of unreleased exclusives and we can post thr tracklist yet!

We celebrated our 4th birthday last Saturday and we were joined by Tom Real, 30Hz, High Eight and That Girl DJ. All of them had been down before, so they knew our crowd and knew that we liked it hard, bassy and as filthy as possible. All of the DJs on the night had headlined before at least once already. This was Tom Real’s 3rd time down and High Eight’s 7th or 8th time!!

For us it was a dream lineup and judging by the amount of people that turned up, we were not alone in thinking this way. The event went out live over and we broke their concurrent live listeners record… We broke our own attendance record too.

High Eight and That Girl DJ started off proceedings, whipping the crowd into a frency and making my set look decidedly average! They were followed by Tom Real who showed his pure class and quality, a real personality behind the decks, with some wicked crowd interaction.

We have not had any trouble in the 4 years we have been around, but 10 mins after 30Hz got to the club, someone stole his record bag. He was scheduled to play the 2nd last headline set of the evening. Whilst we were all flapping Tom Real got cracking and gave everyone what they wanted, some fantastic techno and wonky house. The crowd were hyped, unaware that in the background we were scouring the CCTV attempting to verify the identity of the thief who would steal away 30Hz’s chance of playing.

We confirmed the thief’s identity and calmed down a bit, suddenly the security noticed that the thief had made the mistake of coming back in. We grabbed him and after much persuasion, made him reveal the location of the stolen bag (which had been hidden in a locker in the bus station!) We triumphantly announced the return of the bag to the crowd and 30hz was summoned back from his hotel room, shocked that we had got his records back.

30hz went on to end the night with one of the best sets he has ever played (his words) and ended once of the best nights in our history….We recorded all of the sets and our professional photographer was on hand to give us all some chance of remembering what happened.

A big thanks goes out to the DJs for putting up with all of my stress on the night. I appreciate you travelling all that way to play for us, I hope to have each of you down again, thanks for making the night absolutely go off and thanks for being absolute pro’s and showing us how its done!!

Till next time………

Some photos:

Watch out for live sets from all DJs….check our website soon….

More photos here


New Mix coming from Damo this week

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Watch out for a brand new mix coming from Dam0 this week. Its been a long time since the last one….

That is all…….