We made it, how fast are the weeks flying by at the moment? Soon it will be summer and the festival season will be starting. Which festivals are you thinking about going to? having survived the downpours last year at Glade and Glastonbury I am trying a different approach and leaving it all until September when its more or less guaranteed sunshine.

Yes, I’m talking about Bestival 2008 in the Isle of Wight.  Bestival began in 2004 and is organised by “Rob da Bank” who also runs associated record label Sunday Best. Bestival is known for its non corporate feel and many say that it feels like Glastonbury once did. Highlights this year are  My Bloody Valentine, Amy Winehouse, Underworld, Aphex Twin, CSS, Hot Chip, Will Young, The Coral, Sugarhill Gang, The Breeders, George Clinton, Gary Numan, The Human League and 808 State.

I am personally looking forward to seeing Hot Chip, Laurent Garnier (3 hour set!!!), Underworld, Carl Craig, Justin Robertson and The Sugarhill Gang. I am also looking forward to sitting in the sun with crazy party people who aren’t just Guardian reading tourists

Increasing commercialism and the apparent need to attract “younger” people to Glastonbury has been its undoing this year. The first nail in the coffin was the rain in 2007 which killed it for many people. When it was announced that Jay Z would be headlining this year it was an easy choice for many to boycott this years Glasto. The thought of sharing Glastonbury with a bunch of chavs playing music out loud on their mobiles really did not appeal.

However, it all seems to have backfired, the Jay Z effect has damaged ticket sales, with ~35,000 remaining, when in the past tickets sold out in a matter of hours. I don’t think it is anything to do with the fact that Glasonbury is predominantly a middle class and white festival. Cypress Hill and Del La Soul (who were shit) have headlined in the past. Maybe Glasto, like everything else that becomes popular is just suffering from the long awaited backlash and is a victim of its own success.

In recent years the organisers of Glastonbury have  packed more and more people in to the point where it became unbearable at times. Inflation seems to have attacked Glasto too, with prices going through the roof meaning that you need something in the order of £300-£400 at least to get through the 3-4 days. Having been to Glasto on and off for the past 13 years, I think its time for me to move on.

Have fun whatever you do this summer.


Far Too Loud

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The rise of Far Too Loud within the breakbeat scene so far has been nothing short of impressive. With each release they have received a bigger response and reached a wider audience, ensuring no Breaks DJs box is without one of their records. Snapping up the “Best Single” award at Breakspoll 2007, only a year and a half after their first release, confirmed that these boys are serious players, especially as they were up against the some of most elite artists in the scene!

Far Too Loud began life as three students on one of the worlds leading sound engineering courses sharing an interest in electronic dance music, particularly the breakbeat sound which was going through a huge surge in popularity at the time. Armed with a solid knowledge of the technical side of music making and all hailing from strong musical backgrounds, it did not take long for the team to hone their productions skills. Summer 2005 saw the lads crash onto the scene with their debut release ‘Whole Lotta Hate’ on Aquasky’s 777 label, a collaboration with the mighty Ctrl Z. This received massive support including Radio 1 airplay and was soon followed by singles on established labels Broke and Funkatech, all to similar acclaim. In 2006 a string of releases and remixes firmly established Far Too Loud in the scene and gained the respect of an expanding audience. These included collaborations with rapidly rising stars and Funkatech label mates Specimen A.

The Funkatech label gave the group the chance to push their sound further with a 3-part EP deal, resulting in the “Louder Than Life” series. The fresh sound of the first EP release turned heads from all over the scene, from Anne Savage to The Breakfastaz, and paved the way for part 2 which gained the lads even more support from the likes of Meat Katie and Jay Cunning. Not only was part 2 of the EP selected as best breaks single of the month in DJ Magazine but it went on to win “Best Single” at the 2007 Breakspoll awards, in which Far Too Loud were also nominated for “Best Newcomer Producer”. As if all that were not enough recognition, part 3 of the EP was selected for best breaks single of the month in Mixmag and iDJ magazines!

Having got this far the Far Too Loud boys had no intention of resting on their laurels and instead turned out what has undoubtedly been their biggest single yet, “Play It Loud”. A vinyl repress was ordered within the first week of its release and was the best selling breaks tune in a number of online music stores including Beatport and Juno. Once again it received the top tune spot in DJ magazine and slipped into the playlists of DJs all over the scene including the Plump DJs and Eddy Temple-Morris.

The attention gathered with each release has resulted in an increasingly busy gig schedule for Far Too Loud, including a number of UK festivals over the summer of 2007 at which their trademark psychedelic influences have seen them billed with some of the biggest names in psy-trance, as well as among established breaks artists. Additionally 2007 has seen FTL guest mixes on Kiss FM and Radio 1, with the Radio 1 mix being aired a further time as part of a ‘best of’ show.

With such a successful two years under the belt there is no doubt that the future is looking promising for Far Too Loud. As they continue to diversify their sound and tighten their production you can bet that the heads of the dance music world will turn in anticipation of what is to come next from these rising stars. Be sure that you don’t miss it!

Far Too Loud have shot to popularity in a very short length of time, if you are a Magik Bullet veteran you will know that we spotted this obvious talent a number of years ago and have had them down to play quite a few times. They are extremely in-demand DJs with headline spots at top festivals and nights under their belts.

Will they be playing at Glade Festival 2008? I think we can safely say they are a strong contender. They are definitely worthy of a Best Producer vote at Breakspoll.

Their production style is unique, this is what is so exciting and it puts them up there with the best producers. In a breaks scene that is being flooded with average sounding tunes, we need Far Too Loud to give everyone a good kick up the arse and keep standards high.

Make your own mind up by downloading their last mix.


Far Too Loud – Play It Loud – Funkatech
NAPT – Wah – Sub Frequency Funk
PRO7 – Black Truck – Fresh Produce
Nursery of Naughtiness – Eyes (Far Too Loud remix) – Exceptional
Far Too Loud – Dis Da Rasta – Funkatech
Far Too Loud – Get High – Funkatech
Dilemn – Time To Sing – BombTraxx
Culture Shock – Asteroids – Ram
Dilemn – 1st Class – CDR
Specimen A – Rock This House – Funkatech
Groove Diggerz – Get Fresh (Sam Hell remix) – Sinister
Far Too Loud – Shredder – Funkatech