On November 8th we are proud to have Santiago and Bushido playing at Magik Bullet. They will be stopping in Plymouth on their UK tour and we are stoked to have them down. Grab their August mix below….They are on the same label as Crookers and are proper fidgety wonk!

They were Beatport’s most downloaded artist in January this year, and the momentum isn’t stopping for Santiago & Bushido — two longtime buddies who are climbing up the DJ heirachy with a lightning-fast quickness. Amidst the countless DJ’s and producers working in the burgeoning Chicago house scene, Santiago and Bushido stand apart from the rest with their unique blend of tech-tinged house beats and killer remixes that are becoming quite the sought-after commodity. Since teaming up as a production duo in 2001, Chris Santiago and Tim Bush have dropped numerous EP’s and remixes on some of the most well respected labels around including Potty Mouth, Om, Ultra,  and have been enjoying a huge buzz as of late. The duo’s “For What” EP on Potty Mouth Music was released to critical praise and support from DJs across the globe including Switch, Jesse Rose, and Johnny Fiasco. Their single “Head Trick” climbed the charts on, the world’s top online site for electronic music and held the number one spot for a few weeks. In addition to belting out club tracks earning them critical moxie in Chicago and beyond, Santiago and Bushido have been involved with Chicago native Colette‘s 2007 artist album “Push” for Om Records. They wrote and produced multiple songs on Push, including the album’s single, “If,” which has been licensed for a future episode of Real World for “MTV” and can also be purchased as a ringtone from Verizon.

Having been intimately involved with music his entire, life Bushido picked up his first pair of turntables and sampler on his 16th birthday and immediately went to work mixing, sampling, and cutting up any piece of vinyl he could get his hands on. His carefully crafted DJ sets caught the ears of some of Chicago’s nightlife elite and he soon found himself playing all over the city. Tim spent his days working at Chicago Recording Company, sharing the same recording space with the likes of R.Kelly and Smashing Pumpkins among others. By working alongside some of Chicago’s most well respected engineers at CRC, Bushido honed his engineering and production prowess until opportunity knocked.

While Bushido was mastering his craft, Santiago was working his way up the Chicago’s nightlife hierarchy. Within one year of playing live gigs, he secured a Friday night residency at Zentra Nightclub’s House Arrest, and within a year he would be playing to Chicago’s most musically educated and up-for-it partiers as an exclusive resident at “World’s Best Dance Club”, Smartbar, joining the halls of dance icons that have enjoyed similar slots there (including other current residents Kaskade and Justin Long).

As producers, Santiago & Bushido draw influences from their straight house background and apply harder and heavier elements to the sound. “We get really deep into the tracks we’re producing, flip them and cut them in so many different ways, all to get the heaviest groove possible,” Bushido says.   “One thing about us is we’re not afraid to do a deep track or a totally hardcore track…as long as it works on the dance floor and is pushing the sound forward, it works for us,” Santiago explains.   Given the tech-funk inflection of their forthcoming releases, the nastier better.

Coming Soon
Larry Tee – Louie Vuitton (S&B Rmx) – Ultra
Johnny Fiasco – Conduction (S&B Rmx) – Conduction
Colette – Runnin Around (S&B Rmx) – Om
Santiago & Bushido – Dotbleep EP – .Dotbleep

Original Work
Santiago & Bushido w/ Fame – For The People EP – Potty Mouth 2008
Cops and Robbers EP (as Cops and Robbers) – Potty Mouth 2008
Blowin Up My Phone (w/ Jake Childs) – Inuendo 2008
For What EP ­ Potty Mouth 2008
Colette – Push – Om 2007
Robsoul LTD 08 – Robsoul 2007
What’s Your Name? EP – Robsoul 2006
Get Down To It EP – So Sound 2006
Middle Ground EP – Uma Recordings 2006
New School Jackers Vol 1 – Control Recordings 2006
See Yourself EP – Blackcherry 2006
How We Do EP – Uni.form Recordings 2005
Humps Remixes (as FuCT & Big B) – White 2005
Chicago MF EP – Doubledown Recordings 2005
On Time EP (as FuCT & Big B) – WHO 2005

Remix Work
House of Stank – Make You Jack (S&B Rmx) – Dust Traxx 2008
Robosonic – Kaputt In Hollywood (S&B Rmx) – diskomafia 2008
Troydon – Flowers (S&B Rmx) – Phonoshuffle 2008
Kaskade – Move For Me (S&B Rmx) – Ultra 2008
Heavyfeet – Sick Like That (S&B Rmx) – Potty Mouth 2008
The Bulgarian – Jack It Like A Zombie (S&B Rmx) – Potty Mouth 2007)
Union DJ’s – Party Life (S&B Remix) – Union 2007
Bryan Jones: Jack Chicago (S&B’s Chicago MF Rubdown) – Control 2007
DJ Heather: “Pictures of You” (S&B Rework) – Om Records 2006
Andrew Phelan & Origami “We Carry On” (S&B Remix) – Prismatic 2006
No Assembly Firm: “Ghetto Fab” (S&B Remix) – Uni.form Recordings 2005
CPEN: “Spanish Robot” (S&B Remix) – A2 2005

Grab their August 2008 Mix

We will reveal the other act soon!

Loui is a very talented Dj and is playing late on Saturday night. Why not check out his latest mix and then come rushing down to boogie this Saturday.

Download it here


We love HiJack

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Check em out at Byte in Bristol…

HiJack make wobbly, chopped up house music with funky hooks and beefy basslines. If you downloaded 30Hz live mix from the Magik Bullet 4th birthday you would have heard a couple of HiJack tunes in there too….Well I have only just discovered that they released a new mix back in May, its not too late to check it out….Head over to their Myspace and download it…..

MAY 2008:
1. HiJack– Higher
2. Consistent – French Fried
3. Oliver Garcia – Sensation (HiJack RMX)
4. Harry Axt – Riffler
5. Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick
6. DJ Fame – In The Ghetto (The Bulgarian RMX)
7. Natty Jack – Jackin Da Garage (HiJack RMX)
8. The Bulgarian – Barn Dance (HiJack RMX)
9. Rene Van Munster – Working Title
10. Oliver $ – Marshmallow
11. Deadset – Same Great Taste
12. Jacob London – The Final Chapter
13. Style Of Eye – Koka Cheva
14. Zodiac Cartell – Used & Abused
15. Riva Starr – I Know You Want My Thang
16. Santiago & Bushido – For The People (HiJack RMX)
17. Nick Holder – Bad Girl (Solid Groove RMX)
18. Lenny D Ice – We Are I.E. (HiJack RMX)
19. Ryan Mergatroid – What You Do To Me (Stupid Fresh RMX)
20. Haraku – Gameboys On Acid (HiJack RMX)
21. Boosta – Last (Crookers RMX)
22. Poxy Music – War Paint (Speaker Junk RMX)
23. Nic Sarno – Watch This (HiJack RMX)
24. Ryan Riback – Boom (Lee Mortimer RMX)
25. Faithless – Miss You Less, See You More (Switch RMX)
26. Phil Weeks – Make You Wet (Jesse Rose RMX)

30hz in studio

30Hz in his studio

Finally, we have 30Hz set ready for you to enjoy. The whole thing was recorded live and direct by Ollie 303 from

Head over to the music page and click the link to grab it. There is no track listing, as most of the tracks are not out yet!!

Thanks to 30Hz for making it possible.

Watch out for more live sets from Tom Real, High Eight vs That Girl Dj and Poface-Killa in the coming weeks…..

Here is a wicked mix by Bristol based DJ – Placid. Its one for the older peeps amongst you who remember quality deep house! In the style of Derrick May etc. I have listened to it a few times already and its perfect for sunny days like today.



Glenn Underground – Archives
Chris Brann – Smuthullet
Gemini – Imagine A Nation
Fresh Cool Juice – Feelin’ Strong
Alton Miller – Progressions / Time & Space
Joeski & Dano – Chikko
Kevin Yost – Plastic Jazz
Warp Dub Sound System – God Said
DJ Rasoul – Global Guidance 2
Precription Underground EP
Wamdue Kids – Global Guidance
Mutabaruka – Dis Poem ’99
Cesaria Evora – Sangue De Beirona
K.O.F. / A Lil’ Louis Painting – Stormy Black
The Chicago Connection – Dancin’

One hit, 2 decks 75 mins@320kbps 

Download after the Jump