We make it to another Monday, hopefully having had a fun packed weekend. Myself and a few mates went to C103 rock night on Friday and it was pretty rocking…I  highly recommend it.

We have a feature in DJ Mag this month (May issue)  and it was thought up a few months ago when we were pretty sure  we would have the Body Snatchers booked for our 4th Birthday, but there was a bit of a mix-up and obviously when you have a 4th birthday you need to let everyone know about it super early. So we gave that early lineup to the friendly DJ Mag journalist and unfortunately the lineup changed just before DJ Mag went to print.

Just in case you don’t know The Body Snatchers are 30Hz and Baobinga’s side project. We hope to get them down in the future, but until then we are sure that you will be more than happy with the lineup we have instead.

Tickets will be available to buy in the next couple of days. They will be on sale for £5 as an early-bird special, we truly believe that this is going to be our busiest night ever and already know about a number of people who are traveling from well outside the South West to be there. You can appreciate that having 4 headliners is costing us a lot more than our usual nights…

Tickets are going to be £6/£7 on the door, so grab the chance to get them for a fiver when you can.


Magik Bullet 4th Birthday Flyer

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magik bullet 4th birthday flyer